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Hi, I'm Demetra.

I work with women* one-on-one (online or in person) to take them deeper into who they are and help them transform their lives.

CONTACT: info@fitnesswitch.net



4 things to know about me:


1. I have a deep and varied background of knowledge. I have been trained in astrology, herbalism, sexual energy, storytelling, and magic. I have also been trained in shamanism and reiki and extensively as a yoga teacher, although I have backtracked from directly identifying with these things because of my role in cultural appropriation. I mention them here because the gifts they have given me will inform my life and influence my teachings forever, even though I do not formally practice them any longer. I'm currently in a year-long training to be an Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, and I am coaching these things already. Physically I grew up being trained as a serious athlete (soccer), then later moved on to aerial silks, circus arts, and pole dance. I taught yoga for 4 years and opened (then later sold) my own studio. I held women's circles on the full moon of every month. I researched different diets, went through a lot of food phases, almost gave myself an eating disorder in the process, and learned about nutrition. I healed my body image issues, which is a long topic all in itself. I read all of the material to become a personal trainer, disagreed with a good amount of it, and instead decided to research on my own, which led me to attend a seminar to further understand the mechanics of the body and to learn how to coach others (please see here to read more about why I didn't get my personal training "certification"). I adore lifting weights. I almost finished a degree in history, because I am interested in the ways both individuals and societies navigate crises and transition (I quit school a semester before I was done). This makes me highly critical of every "new-agey" topic that I come across — what I am offering here is not that. I have a deep-seated sense of realism, and you can trust that if I practice and teach something, it is because I've had proof over and over again that it works. 

2. I understand grief and loss. In December of 2011, I lost my younger brother in a car crash. He lives today with a brain injury, but he's much different than he was. In the years that followed, I lost a friend, my closest grandparents, and my parents divorced, along with some other things I will not mention here. You won't hear from me that "everything happens for a reason." I don't know why things happen, but I understand death and how to wade through grief, I know how we hold it and carry it with us for the rest of our lives. Any trauma you have been through is held safe by me, and I will support you as we carry out our work together. 

3. I do not skip the importance of the physical. No amount of energetic work is going to strengthen and transform our physical bodies. For all humans, strength training makes everyday life easier, along with the myriad of health benefits that come along with that — like lower blood pressure, increased bone density, better mood, longer life span, etc. For a mother, it can be invaluable to have the ability to lift her children, to easily move things around the house, or to finally feel like she's taking care of herself. For spiritual women, the importance of being grounded in the physical is something that often gets neglected. Many women feel intimidated or uncomfortable by the thought of being in a gym. Some feel okay in that setting but don't actually know what to do once they're there. And to address a common myth, women do not get bulky in the gym unless they want to! We'll talk about what you want — not what society wants, or what I want — and how to get there. 

The delight I've seen in my clients when they realize they can lift themselves up for the first time, when they see they can do a push-up, when heavy things are no longer hard to carry, when they can move around with ease... is simply life-changing. Plus, even if you've been going to the gym for a while, I guarantee I can redo your program and get you stronger.

To work with me, you do not have to strength train. But I can include it if you are interested.

4. I do not settle, and I can teach you how to not settle either. Most people get stuck in a life that they feel is "good enough." For me, good enough is not enough. I have a natural ability to recognize when something does not work for me anymore. I have left relationships, I have left businesses, I have left places. I want my life to be mind-blowingly incredible, fun, and exciting; full of joy and pain and ecstasy and everything in between. I want to constantly be discovering how I can feel more, know more, love more — and I want that for you too. We can offer a lot of things to other people when what we are finally doing is true to ourselves. And that is what I am constantly searching for: how can I experience even more of the depths of myself, so that I can guide others to do the same?



*I work with anyone who identifies as a woman/having feminine energy/wants to learn these things. If you feel like you are drawn to this work but fit somewhere else on the large spectrum of gender, that is totally ok. I encourage you to schedule a free consultation so we can determine if I am the right fit for you.