artist: She Who Is

artist: She Who Is

Demetra’s reading was thoughtful, in-depth, compelling, and rich. I came away understanding so much more about my chart, astrology in general and how it all applies to my life, heart, and path. Her reading has helped guide me through challenging transitions and affirmed parts of me I now work with and honour... I’d highly suggest working with Demetra.
— Andi

I do readings over Skype or in person (if you live in Pittsburgh, or are somewhere I'll be traveling.) 

FREE 15-minute consultation: Skype with me to ask me any questions, to tell me what's going on for you, or to just meet me and see if you feel interested in booking a reading. We can talk about astrology and decide if a reading will be helpful for you!

You do not need to have a consultation in order to book a reading.

60-75 minute reading: $85

A basic overview of your chart, written out: $30

My interpretation of your sun, moon, and rising sign, written out: $10

Discounts for: anyone who is in a financial situation where they truly cannot afford it. I am also open to trade, if it's something that interests me. If any of the above applies to you, please write to me and tell me why. Discounts apply to full readings only. 


What is a "reading" of my birth chart, and what can you tell me that I can't find online?

A birth chart is basically a picture of what the sky looks like at the exact time of your birth. I read and interpret that chart for you in ways that make sense. 

You can find a ton of free information about astrology online. Some of it is good, and some of it is really awful. You can read about your sun sign, your moon sign, your aspects, etc - and I encourage you to! What makes what I do special is that I can look at your chart as a big picture, and see what it's saying as a whole. I can see where things conflict and why, and why you might have something in your chart you don't notice as much, or why you have certain tendencies. I can see things that (unless you study astrology) you don't even know exist. Learning astrology is like learning an entirely new language. I put that language into terms that are easy to understand. 


What can my chart tell me?

Astrology is not going to tell you the future (at least, not in any specific way.) It will tell you your natural qualities, the ways you communicate, what you need in relationships, what's going on with you financially, what career areas might work best for you. It will explain why parts of you are the way they are. For most people, it it super validating, giving them a sense of, "oh, I'm not crazy, this is actually how I am, and this is how to work effectively with that." If you are struggling with making a decision or need some guidance and direction, your chart will help answer that as well.

Astrology allows us to really love and accept ourselves while also becoming aware of our more difficult qualities and our needs and the best ways to work with them. It can go so deeply into aspects of your life that it is similar to a session with a therapist in some ways: it allows you to be fully seen and heard, shows you why some things may be difficult for you, and teaches you how to really be okay with being you. Based on your chart, I'll also suggest things you might not know about that might be helpful to implement at this point in your life. 


I am so happy I had my birth chart read by Demetra! Until now I only had a basic understanding of my sun sign and felt it didn’t always “fit” me. My reading was so much more accurate in describing my emotions, tendencies, and personality traits. Demetra explained my chart in detail and gave me a better understanding of the complexities within it. If you are interested in getting more insight into yourself, I would definitely recommend a reading with Demetra.
— Amanda