Sapa, Vietnam

(July 9) My lapse in updates has not been for lack of stories but rather because my wifi connection/service is pretty nonexistent at the moment. (This morning I walked 30 minutes to get water, and this is the closest place that has wifi.)

I'm staying with a local family from one of the villages in Sapa. Yesterday we walked pretty much all day and saw the prettiest views. And yes, that is a weed field in that picture - they make their clothes from hemp! I learned how they turn the hemp into cloth and got to try it out :). The plants in the barrels are the indigo that they use to make the dye - hopefully we get to try that today too. There are 3 girls from Canada also staying where I am. Last night we hung out with the family and some of their friends. It was so much fun. We were laughing so hard, learning words in their local language. They also fed us way too much food and then had us take shot after shot of the rice wine (which they call "happy water") that they make. It's part of their culture to switch glasses with another person at the table to share, drink each other's shot, and then give the glasses back. The woman whose family I'm staying with is named May. She's part of the Black mong people. She is absolutely hilarious. She speaks the mong language, Vietnamese, English, and bits of Chinese, French, and Spanish. The Vietnamese she learned in school. Her English, which is really good, she learned totally from tourists. Which is so crazy to me.

Basically I got probably the most drunk I have been since high school and am still feeling it this morning. So I am still alive and everything is great and today we are going on another walk to see other tribes but I am also very hungover (which I find kind of funny.) Feeling a little better now that I got my water and some bread.

I'll post a longer update once I have a steadier connection somewhere and my brain doesn't feel like mush. Lol