Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

(July 4) This is such a typical thing for me to do that I am still laughing at myself.

So two nights ago (the night I forgot my bag) the bus dropped me off at 2:30 am in the middle of Hai Phong. Luckily I had met a bunch of Dutch people trying to get to the same place as me, so there was a group of 8 of us stranded there. We had quite the interesting night as we had to figure out how to get to the port, where the first boat didn't leave until 7 am. Local people were already setting up for the day's markets (so early!!!) so we ended up sitting on plastic chairs on the side of the road, talking and drinking beer until the sun came up. Lol

So needless to say when I finally got here yesterday I was exhausted. I basically spent the rest of the day being moody. There were some good parts - I met a few guys from New York and ate lunch with them, and I laid on a pretty beach for a while, but I was so tired and really having a hard time. Plus the town I'm in is super touristy and is a place where Vietnamese people come for vacation, so while most of this island is wild jungle, the strip I'm staying on is neon lights and very beach-town ish. Which is difficult for me to deal with.

I was planning on doing this deep water soloing tour on the 5th but moved it to today so I could leave here earlier - I just wanted to leave tomorrow morning and keep going south, trying to see as many things as I could.

But of course that is not the way my life ever works out.

Long story short, I met a bunch of cool people on my tour today and had so much fun being in the water all day that I decided I'll stay here a few more days. And then I met someone who can hopefully set me up with something really cool and therefore ... I might go back to Sapa. ☺️ And basically say oh well to my original plans for the next two weeks. Maybe!!!! I'm still having trouble deciding what to do.

But I feel pretty good about this and can't wait to see what happens next :)