Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(June 22) 

I am finally here!!!!!!

I have had a super stressful and crazy past 36 hours. 24 hours spent on planes, tried to sleep, watched Dexter for the first time and realized maybe don't watch a show about serial killers when you're going alone across the world. I went the wrong way in the airport and had to wait an hour to be escorted back to immigration. I left the airport during my layover to explore Hong Kong. Hong Kong was interesting but very overwhelming for me (pollution. heat. noise. crowds. etc). I ate a lot of very oily noodles that were super yummy. I also ate a lot of random Chinese dishes on my flights. My stomach hurt. I got lost. Then got lost again. And again. And again. It is extremely hot and humid everywhere.

And then tonight (12 hour time difference) I landed in Malaysia and made my way to the train and when I got off the train I was in the middle of a much calmer city where I could see a temple and prayers were being sung over the speakers (I think maybe because it's Ramadan and it was sunset? I don't know enough to say) and the people are so nice and I had a meal of who knows what parts of what animals and it ended up being spicy while I was already sweating in the heat and I have decided already that I love Malaysia. I just took a cold shower and am in my bed in my hostel and I cannot wait to explore more tomorrow :)