Hong Kong, China

Because at 23 years of age, this is what I look like. Unedited, little wrinkles and breakouts and all. And for the first time ever in my life, I really, truly like it. 

I bought this scarf in the Thailand airport and took this picture to show Eric what it looks like (we have different flights home.) Woke up at 4:30. Currently on a layover in Hong Kong. Alternating between reading news about the DNC convention, and getting too worked up about the entire election to even be able to focus. My stomach sickness has healed but now I have a cold, so I'm congested, plus I have my period. But I'm welcoming it. Welcoming this time of month; so synchronistic with how I'm feeling right now. Integrating, letting everything go, starting anew. Welcoming feeling sick which allows me to zone out and just be in my own head for a bit. Even welcoming this 16 hour flight ahead of me. It's so weird to have this trip coming to an end. It barely feels like any time has passed, and yet, as always, I feel different.