Railay, Krabi, Thailand

(July 23) 

This island is maybe the most stunning place I have ever been in my entire life. I have never been anywhere like it. We are at this beautiful hotel, I'm living off of spring rolls and watermelon smoothies, and the water is clear and warm. The ocean is right outside our hotel, and the other side of the island (where the beach is a little nicer) is a 5 minute walk away, down a little sandy path that leads through tiki huts and restaurants with local food. It's low season, so we've lucked out with the weather (apparently it rained all last week), and the island is so quiet - there are barely any people here and nothing is crowded. 

Mostly we've been pretty lazy, and we both got so sunburnt yesterday! But today we went rock climbing. Krabi is famous for its climbing. It was absolutely incredible to climb these huge limestone cliffs on a beach and look out over the ocean. We climbed for a few hours, then hiked up into this cave, and then rappelled down the side before we went to eat lunch. I had overestimated how in shape I am after being away for so long lol and I was too exhausted to finish the full day. But we had a guide all to ourselves, so they are letting us do the second half of the day tomorrow ☺️☺️☺️

Also at one point when we were climbing we heard all these noises from behind us. Everyone turned around, and literally no less than 20 monkeys were sitting in the tree and then charged at us and the climbing wall ALL AT ONCE. Like they planned it. I had been just about to take their picture but one of them rushed right at me and was not afraid of me at all!!! Monkeys are actually scary! Then they climbed up the ropes on the wall all the way to the top and sat there. So funny to watch the people on the wall handle that. All of the guides started throwing sticks at them until they left. 

It's been a really nice way to end my trip to just stay in one spot and relax for a while after so much running from place to place. We have two more days here, then back to Bangkok and then we fly home 😕 time has completely flown by for me. 

Will write more in a couple days... 😚