Saigon, Vietnam

(July 15) So today... I was with two friends and we got into a taxi that took us back to our hostel. It was supposed to cost around 60 dong (the equivalent of $3.) When we got near the hostel, the taxi driver stopped the car and told us we owed him 640 dong. 

We told him no, no over and over, and one of my friends gave him 100 which he quickly switched and pretended was a 10. She gave him another 100, and he switched it again. She caught on and said no. He was really angry and kept saying "600, 600." 

I tried to open my door and realized that we were totally locked in the car. He had shaved down the door locks so we were not. Able. To open any of the doors. He started driving away with us locked in the car. We all started screaming at him and banging on the windows. He kept repeating "600" and was so mad. We were terrified, but I don't think he expected us to fight back that much and since there were people around and we weren't giving in and I think my next step would have been to actually attack him, he finally unlocked the doors, screamed "fuck you," and sped away. 

Still shaking, we realized we had gotten in a fake "safe" taxi. Meaning it was a recommended company to take, but it was the wrong color. We didn't know they could be different colors and had only looked at the logo. 

I have never considered that somebody could tamper with a car so that you are not able to get out of it. I will always look for that from now on. 

We are totally fine, don't worry, but just a good thing to be aware of. I don't think he would have been violent, but it was really scary. Always be aware!!!