Yoni Steams: You Want Me to Do What to Where?

Yoni: 1. the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. 2. a stylized representation of the female genitalia that in Hinduism is a sign of generative power and that symbolizes the goddess Shakti

I know, I know. Steam your vagina? Why would you want to do that???

Maybe because it can ease cramps and help with healthy menstruation. Maybe because it can help heal that entire area of your body, whether you have irregular cycles or fertility issues or anything else. Maybe because physically and energetically, it's a really good idea.

You shouldn't do a yoni steam while you have your period or if you're pregnant. You also might want to be careful if you have an IUD, that's up to you.

Basically, a yoni steam is a gentle way to allow that area of your body access to herbal healing. It's also really relaxing, even if it's a bit weird at first. 

So, how do I do it?

Choose around 3 herbs. You can use less or more if you want, just keep in mind that if you're using more, it might be less effective, since you're getting less of each plant. You want about an ounce by weight of each herb, or if you don't have a scale, just pretty big handfuls of each - more than you would think necessary.

Fill a large pot (one that is big enough for you to sit on) maybe about halfway with water. Bring the water to a boil. Turn the heat off, and when the boiling has just stopped, put your herbs in, cover, and let steep for around 20 minutes. 

After they're done steeping, bring the pot to the floor. You'll need a towel, a blanket, and maybe a book or something to do. It's nice to set it all up for yourself, making the area look nice and lighting some candles. You can also just sit quietly. A group of girls and I did our steams together once and we took turns reading stories out loud, which was a really beautiful experience. 

Set the pot down, and uncover. You'll want to roll the towel up and then place the rolled-up towel on the edges of the pot, so that you can then sit on the towel. So basically, you'll take your pants off, and sit on the towel so that you don't get burned by the pot. You might have to let the steam cool down for a while first. Try it, and if it's too hot, then wait

If that all seems too complicated you can also sit on a chair that has slits in the bottom, or if you have like a training potty seat, you can also sit on that. The steam just has to be able to come up and hit your vagina. 

Wrap the blanket around your lower half to keep the steam in (unless it gets too hot.) Stay for at around 20-30 minutes. It's super nice, I promise!

If you're doing it to help with your period, it is suggested to do a steam 3 times in the week leading up to your period.

ps. it is nice to return the herbs to the earth when you're done to say thank you, instead of just throwing in the trash.

Which herbs should I use?

There are so many herbs that are good for this for different reasons. I'll list some blends here, but you can really use any that call to you - just make sure to do some research to make sure they're okay for that area of your body. I like to buy my dried herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, because they use sustainable practices, and the herbs are organic.

Do NOT use essential oils.

To relieve cramps and rid the uterus of old blood: red raspberry leaf, oregano, and lavender

For fertility or to regulate cycle: chickweed, motherwort, and mugwort

For magic dreams, healing, and releasing energetically: mugwort, lavender, and rose

be creative ;)